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Candice’s Business Planning practice was borne from the ever-hopeful, optimistic, afraid-and-doing-it-anyway part of her soul. When she became a business owner, she loved everything about it. Entrepreneurship is in her soul. Candice gets what your business means to you. It means that you have a dream, a vision, and hope. It means you've stepped off the beaten path to try to create something better for yourself and your family. It means you've taken risks because you believe they will pay off. We want you to achieve all of that. The work that we do together helps to protect your dream.Read below to learn about our business planning services, and click on the image to download your free report.

click on the image to download your free report!

click on the image to download your free report!

business planning, personal service

Business Planning, Personal Service is for clients who meet the following criteria: Your business owns assets valued at over $25K, you have other assets besides your business( such as a home and life insurance), you have a savings account, and can afford to pay the business planning fees up front. (There may be some exceptions to these criteria. Please inquire if you want personal service and think you should be exempted from these criteria.)

If you meet the criteria, here is how the process works. All of my plans:

 1 - Are comprehensive, complete plans that provide all of the foundations of asset and creditor protection, because simply filing Articles of Organization/Incorporation with the state is useless if you are later sued in your business; 

 2 - Include all communication with no separate billing for any calls or emails or meetings, ever, so that you know you can always call me with any questions about your business planning; 

 3 - Include a free plan review every three years, so that you can make sure that your plan is always up to date and you haven't wasted your investment; 

 4 - Are done on a flat-fee basis, with all costs agreed to in advance,so that you know exactly what you are paying before the work is done. Costs can typically range between $2500-$5000, depending on what type of plan the business owner chooses. (It may be that your costs will be less if you already have some of the documents completed that we'd do in this process.)

 The type of client that I work best with is the one who approaches business planning from the place of wanting to do the best that they can to protect themselves and their families in the event of a business issue. I am not the right choice for people who want the cheapest option, but I am always happy to work out payment plans with clients who want to do the right planning, but can't pay all of the fees at once.   

 The way that I start the business planning process is to set up a business planning meeting, in which I go over your family, financial, and business situation (you would fill out a worksheet and provide any previously prepared planning docs to me ahead of time) and show you what things would look like for you if something happened (like a lawsuit) to your business. From there, we can identify any areas of concern and plan to avoid anything you don't like. I like clients to know exactly what the risks and benefits are to their planning and to know exactly what they are paying me to do. The meeting can last up to two hours. The meeting costs $375.00, but if you move forward with planning, that amount is deducted from your flat fee. I charge this fee because my time is very limited and the information I provide at the meeting is invaluable, whether we decide to work together or not. You will leave knowing exactly what issues you face and how to fix them.

 The business planning process is typically a three-meeting process: 1) Initial meeting + plan design; 2) Signing meeting; 3) Final meeting. With about 4 weeks between meetings, it's about a 2-month process from 1st meeting to last.

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business planning, Membership

 Our Business Planning Membership, call Roots + Wings Biz, is an amazing year-long program for business owners who need all of the things described in the personal services, but with a lot more hand-holding, organization, and education, as well as the affordable monthly price we offer. 

We keep an ongoing waitlist for this program. 

Everything that you get through this program is worth thousands of dollars:

  • Completion of Business Planning Portfolio (worth $2500-$5000)

  • Year-long relationship with your lawyer – call or email any time at no extra charge (worth $1000-3000)

  • In-person one-on-one meetings with your lawyer (worth $2000)

  • Phone meeting check-ins with your lawyer monthly – your own In-House Counsel (worth $975)

  • Quarterly workshops on a variety of legal, financial, tax and planning topics to get you moving toward your foundation goals (worth $1,000)

  • Introduction to professionals who can build your foundational team, and hand-holding to make sure you follow up and make this happen (worth $1000)

  • Completion of contracts, agreements, waivers, as needed (worth $5000)

  • Toolbox of document templates to take with you (worth $5000)

And much, much more!

TOTAL VALUE:  $18,475-$22,975

 But, if you qualify for this program, you’ll pay just $250/month to be in the Pilot Program. (I’m not sure what I’ll be charging after that.) You can also opt to pay a one-time fee of $2500 up front and save yourself $500.

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