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Imagine if you could fully legally protect your kids in just a hour or two and at an affordable rate?

Do you ever worry that the unthinkable will happen, and you'll die or be incapacitated, and your kids will end up with the wrong people?

I was a little girl when my mother died, and she died without a plan in place. So I lived through a lot of stuff that most parents would never want their kids to go through. But there's a disconnect between the horrible scenarios that can happen, and how parents approach estate planning. Most parents approach estate planning thinking that they need to do this adult thing that's on their to-do list. As a mother, I came to estate planning with a very different state of mind. I had a specific set of situations that I wanted to protect my daughters from having happen to them, because they happened to me. I wanted to make sure that my kids didn't spend any time in foster care, that they would be with the people that I chose as guardians, that they would grow up knowing who I was and what my values are, and that any money I left behind would be used in ways that I deemed appropriate. And so, because of all of these fears I had based on my own experience, I needed to come up with a way to protect them that went beyond signing a will or a trust.

As a lawyer, and as a person who lived through a parent dying when I was a kid, I resolved to learn everything I could about protecting kids when their parents die. I read all of the cases where judges did or didn't award guardianship to certain family members. I learned about all of the different documents that I would need to create that would work together to form the best plan for my children. I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars developing a system for myself, and then I started doing it for my clients. But not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars all up front to do this type of essential planning. And not everyone can spend hundreds of hours learning about this stuff. That’s why I created my Guardian Plan kit. It’s an affordable way to name guardians and a whole lot more, so that you can be sure you've done everything you can to protect your kids.

Now that I've created this system that I use with my high-ticket clients, I've created a DIY kit to be able to bring that to you at an affordable cost.

This kit is easy to read and use. It takes commitment, but I lay everything out for you and give you a step-by-step process to get through to get your kids protected. All you have to do is complete the paperwork. It will take you on average about two hours to complete the kit. And when you're done, your kids will be completely protected and you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve.

And then, when you face any situations of illness or injury, you’ll know that you’ve already prepared for it and protected your kids from the worst possible outcomes.

In just 2 hours, you will go from having no plan for the care of your kids, to having a solid plan in place that will protect them if the unthinkable happens.