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Affordable Planning for loving parents

I get two or three emails per day from parents who have seen my blog and website, or have attended one of my seminars, and who tell me that my message about estate planning really resonates with them, but they simply cannot afford to spend $2500+ on a comprehensive estate plan at the moment. They ask:

“Is there some way I can at least take care of the guardianship part of estate planning? Is there something online that you would recommend?”

Up until now, the answer was NO. And I felt terrible telling people that, but I would feel even more terrible telling them to use an online program that I knew was not only insufficient, but also possibly more dangerous than doing nothing. What is the problem with online estate planning programs? 

1.    For people who have kids, there aren’t any online programs that adequately protect the kids if something happens to you. You can name long-term guardians in your will. That is it. There is no plan to keep your kids out of foster care while guardians are petitioning the court. There is no way to make sure that certain family members don’t intrude on your plan and use money and power to get the upper hand in a guardianship case. There is no way to make sure that everyone knows the plan and has the documentation they need. There is no way to balance all these needs with the need to keep family drama to a minimum at the point where you’re creating your plan.

2.    These online programs give people a false sense of security. People think they can check “estate planning” off of their to-do lists, and they don’t find out that their plan is inadequate until they are incapacitated or until their spouse dies. We have even reviewed plans that we found were not even executed properly, and so the plan was completely invalid. Imagine what your family would go throughif this is the type of plan you executed.

3.    People get no professional guidancewith online estate planning documents. It’s like buying antibiotics without going to the doctor first. Maybe you’ve gotten the right thing, but maybe you haven’t and you won’t know without a professionalto go over your family and asset situation to let you know what ailments you have and what the cures are. Do you know who will find out that your plan has failed? Your family, after you’re gone, and there will be nothing you can do about it. Is that the kind of legacy you want to leave?

I believe that most parents want to leave a legacy of doing the best they can for the ones they love.

For all of these reasons, I don’t recommend any of the online estate planning sites that you may be familiar with. And because of these reasons, I have been hesitant to participate in anything that resembles online estate planning. I don’t want anyone to have a false sense of security! But it finally clicked for me that parents need this first step of a comprehensive guardianship plan, whether they can afford expensive estate planning services or not.

I decided to listen to what parents were telling me about their planning needs.

So I decided to create a way for parents to have affordable access to a complete guardianship plan so that their kids are always with the right people and never have to spend any time in foster care. I decided to do it in a way where people know that this is only the first step, and that they need to eventually take the next step of hiring a professional to guide them through the process.

OPTION ONE, $75.00:

I wanted to make our guardianship packet SUPER AFFORDABLE, so I am pricing it at just $75.00. (It is worth at least $500!) This includes:

-Short-Term Guardian Nomination

-Long-Term Guardian Nomination

-Confidential Exclusion of Guardian

-Letter Templates to Guardians

-Instructions to Caregiver

-Instructions to Guardian

This whole packet together will help you to come up with a comprehensive plan for your kids’ care if something happens to you. All of these pieces are necessary to accomplish your goal – to take care of your kids even if you are no longer here. The packet will be emailed to you in PDF and Microsoft Word format.

OPTION TWO, $175.00:

If you would like to take the additional step of having an attorney review your plan, you can select the option that gives you everything in the Guardianship Packet, PLUS an attorney review, for just $175.00. With this option, you will complete your packet, scan, and email it to Candice’s office, then schedule a 15-minute phone call to discuss the plan. This discussion is limited to guardianship issues only, and is only for Oregon residents. (We are working on getting resources in your area, so please send Candice an email to let her know what state you are in if it’s not Oregon.)

OPTION THREE, $375.00:

If you do have assets and you want to schedule a meeting to go over your entire planning situation with Candice, you can select the third option, for $375.00, which gives you the Guardianship Packet, the packet review, AND a one-hour in-person or phone meeting with Candice to discuss estate planning. Candice usually charges $375.00 for the meeting alone, so this is a great deal. PLUS, if you do go forward with planning with one of her Will or Trust packages, Candice will credit the $375.00 toward those fees. This is for Oregon residents only. (We are working on getting resources in your area, so please send Candice an email to let her know what state you are in if it’s not Oregon.)

So get started today by first putting your name and email address in the box below. This is crucial to making sure that you are on Candice’s email list and receive the information that you need to receive. Once you’ve put your name and email in, you will be directed to the payment page. After payment is made, please wait up to TWO BUSINESS days for Candice to personally email you with the Guardianship Plan packet.

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