Candice is top-notch. She is prompt, professional, and easy to work with. Her fees cover reviews every three years, so don’t cheap out and get a plan somewhere else for $1,500 that you’ll have to redo again in 5 years. Her plans are all inclusive. And for heaven’s sake, don’t go to some online site. You need personal attention when it comes to the law.
— Tami Stover

Happy Clients + Colleagues


I am a single mother who was able to set up a plan for my daughter in the event that the unthinkable happens, with Candice's expert, compassionate help. She makes what seems at first like an incredibly daunting task feel very manageable, even to a person with limited resources. Candice not only reviews each family's situation very thoroughly, but looks ahead to what circumstances might change for us in the future, explaining all the different variables. I am grateful to feel reassured that my child will always be cared for, with my plans in excellent hands. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!

— Anne Tegtmeier

Professional, knowledgeable and a great attorney! Candice really knows her stuff. She is direct with her answers and quick with solutions. I highly recommend her!

— Pixie Adams

Candice is an incredibly compassionate and dedicated professional and human, and I consider myself very lucky to know her. Please consider her business for estate planning needs, and take the time to read her bio for a bit of background on why she is so passionate about her line of work.

— Sophie Lord

I highly recommend Candice for estate planning (this isn't just for wealthy folks). She is concise, compassionate, straight forward, and incredibly well informed. There is much to think about regarding what happens if/when you die. Don't leave it for your family or the state to figure it out.

— Jenna Tegner


Ms. Aiston is always quick to reply with very accurate and intelligent responses and continuously proven to be of the highest integrity.

— Sandy Perez Ard

Highly recommend Aiston Law in confidence. This woman is hardworking and knows exactly what she is doing.

— Brittainie Henderson

Candice is a trusted colleague; I highly recommend her to protect your family with solid estate planning.

— Wendy Witt